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September 2014 - Steven Joseph Photography

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Business Portraits with the Sweetest Girls in Las Vegas – Gimme Some Sugar Bake Shoppe

September 30, 2014 | By | No Comments

IMG_5797.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Have you ever thought “hmmm, I could really use some fashionable, beautiful portraits taken at my business that tell our story”? Well, we just had a lot of fun today with the beautiful, uber talented ladies of Gimme Some Sugar Bake Shoppe in Henderson. These ladies *own* wedding cakes and celebrity birthday cakes at Las Vegas’ finest clubs. They also have a stylish, convenient and comfortable cafe right up Stephanie off the 215.

We cranked through a lot of photography today and had a lot of fun doing it. We started with headshots, then moved to group portraits, more individual portraits, some more headshots in a different style, food & product photography, and finally environmental photos of their cozy stylin’ cafe.

_K3P0022.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-_K3P0061.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Las Vegas Business Portraits, on-location business portraits, Gimme Some Sugar, STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYGimme-Some-Sugar-LightRoom-Grid-View IMG_5932.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_5974.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6076.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6077.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6122.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6146.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6160.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6191.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-


IMG_5828.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_5857.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-

I Can Haz Neon Boneyard & DTLV? Yes! The Neon Museum and East Fremont in Las Vegas Just Keep Getting Better

September 26, 2014 | By | No Comments

Las Vegas Engagement Photos STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY DTLV East Fremont NeonThe Neon Museum Las Vegas Neon STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYAs The Neon Museum and East Fremont in DTLV keep getting better they keeps getting busier. After the only available appointment Bonnie and Andy could get for their gorgeous loving colorful fun Las Vegas Engagement photography session was at 9:00am this morning, they asked “is Vegas even open at 9:00am?” We said “no, it isn’t”, but of course it is. And we LOVED being the first photo shoot of the day in the bright sun mixed with beautiful rare fluffy dark clouds.

These guys made my job so easy ‘cuz they’re so much in love, so happy to be with each other, so happy to be in the Las Vegas they love, and so happy to be getting married.

The Neon Boneyard was Round I of their Las Vegas Engagement photography session. Round II was where the Las Vegas neon is all lit up – East Fremont and Downtown Las Vegas DTLV. Big thanks to Julian – the General Manager of Gold Spike – who let us shoot in their private pool area with his permission.Las Vegas The Neon Museum STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Bonnie and AndyThe Neon Museum Las Vegas Neon Boneyard STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Bonnie and AndyLas Vegas Engagement Photography STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY The Gold Spike Downtown Las Vegas DTLVLas Vegas Engagement Photography STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY The Gold Spike Downtown Las Vegas DTLVLas Vegas Engagement Photography STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY The Gold Spike Downtown Las Vegas DTLVLas Vegas Engagement Photos STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY DTLV East Fremont NeonLas Vegas Engagement Photos STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY DTLV East Fremont NeonLas Vegas Engagement Photos STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY The Neon Museum The Neon Boneyard

Las Vegas Engagement Photos STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY The Neon Museum The Neon Boneyard

That spells LOVE

We Work Real Hard All Year making beautiful Las Vegas Wedding Photography, then we take a southern California Family Vacation

September 9, 2014 | By | One Comment

We work very hard all year. And then we take a week or two family vacation. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.Who Is Steven Joseph Photography Family Vacation in Southern CaliforniaOur youngest one is still in that pure childhood state where the veil separating fantasy from reality is thin and porous. He’s just as cute asking grownup questions about “how do people breathe in the desert if there are no trees?” as when he is unselfconsciously slaying zombies on the beach. He’s always slaying some sort of bad guys. I finally caught his adorable madness in this animated gif. I’m gonna miss it deeply when he crosses the boundary into older-hood.
Who-Is-Steven_Joseph_Photography Luke Slaying Zombies on the Beach in Southern California

Who is Steven Joseph Photography - Family Vacation in southern CaliforniaVroom. Did I say this campground is a boy paradise? Body surfing. Sand castles. Bike riding. Campfires. Marshmallows. Skate boarding. It is a boy Paradise.california-vacation-chris-and-amyBest buds forever – it’s always good to see our favorite Utah – California transplant – hi AMY!Who is Steven Joseph Photography - southern California family vacationStill not too cool to hug his muthaIMG_1075.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1073.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaIMG_1078.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1000.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaFlirting with older women. Our oldest son – 14 years old – being swung around by two admiring 15 year old California 10th graders. They bought him a soda.IMG_0921.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0918.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0873.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMason buried in the sand, being sand-sculpted by his incredibly talented Aunt Yenelli.IMG_0861.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBest buds JJ and AJIMG_0852.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBest buds J and LIMG_0840.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoys taking a break from ridiculous overloads of funIMG_0837.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1405.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaThe beach is always serving up surprises.
IMG_1482.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMy baby.IMG_1636.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaOur very good friends the McLaughlins, standing in front of their sleek and stylish Airstream. Their kids and our kids connect like magnets the moment we reach the beach and they don’t let go until we come back home to Vegas. Where they again connect like magnets.IMG_1650.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaIt’s nice when I get to be on the other side of the camera, especially just after I’ve taken my shirt off. This is Gold’s Gym on Venice Beach, where me and Arnold spend most of our free time.IMG_1654.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaVenice Beach – like Fremont Street in Vegas – only prettier! And cooler!

Who is Steven Joseph Photography - southern California family vacation IMG_0653.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoy paradise.IMG_0654.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoy paradise.IMG_0767.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoy paradise.IMG_0771.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0782.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0786.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0787.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0788.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaGirl paradise, too.IMG_0789.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1234.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaForever young – our good friend John.
IMG_1248.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBeach boy AJ.IMG_1256.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMy tribe.IMG_1433.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1516.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1550.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaIMG_1670.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMy posse on the Venice boardwalk (which is really more of an asphalt walk).IMG_1708.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaLA – Land of food trucks. I LOVE LA.Who is Steven Joseph Photography Our Summer Family Vacation in Southern CaliforniaUnion Station Los Angeles