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Gorgeous photography of your beautiful food. Enough with the dull yellow amateur iPhone photos on Yelp and Google! Give your gorgeous creations the professional lighting and care they deserve. Let the world see how mouth-wateringly beautiful your food really is.

Las Vegas Food Photography – El Toque del Sabor fresh photos for their upcoming online ordering + delivery service

July 5, 2017 | By | No Comments

Las Vegas Food Photography – El Toque del Sabor fresh photos for their upcoming online ordering + delivery service

This busy Peruvian restaurant is full of charm and great food. They needed some new food photography for an upcoming online ordering + delivery service they’ll soon be participating in. Are you hungry yet?


Some Las Vegas Food Photography – Restaurant Menu Food Photography

January 13, 2017 | By | No Comments

Some random Las Vegas Food Photography photos I’ve made for Restaurant Menu Food Photography of delicious gorgeous food over the years.

Ramen Sora in China Town needed a couple of new dishes photographed for their menu.

Bonito Michoacan Mexican Restaurant wanted all the food photography on their whole menu re-photographed. All the good ones on their new menu are mine. The bad ones are somebody else’s.

Jean Philippe Patisserie in the Aria Hotel wanted some beautiful photos of their signature world-famous pastries – one of which ended up as their banner image on the Aria Hotel web site.

Do we love doing las vegas food photography for las vegas restaurant menus? Oh yea.

Las Vegas Food Photography – Pizza Company – Pizza and Vegan Dishes

November 8, 2016 | By | No Comments

This little pizza place on Sunset across the street from the Airport serves up scrumptious pizza. But I didn’t realize that it’s also well known and well respected by Vegans, because of all the yummy Vegan dishes it serves. Vegan Tiramisu? Yes. Mmmm.

Business Portraits with the Sweetest Girls in Las Vegas – Gimme Some Sugar Bake Shoppe

September 30, 2014 | By | No Comments

IMG_5797.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Have you ever thought “hmmm, I could really use some fashionable, beautiful portraits taken at my business that tell our story”? Well, we just had a lot of fun today with the beautiful, uber talented ladies of Gimme Some Sugar Bake Shoppe in Henderson. These ladies *own* wedding cakes and celebrity birthday cakes at Las Vegas’ finest clubs. They also have a stylish, convenient and comfortable cafe right up Stephanie off the 215.

We cranked through a lot of photography today and had a lot of fun doing it. We started with headshots, then moved to group portraits, more individual portraits, some more headshots in a different style, food & product photography, and finally environmental photos of their cozy stylin’ cafe.

_K3P0022.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-_K3P0061.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Las Vegas Business Portraits, on-location business portraits, Gimme Some Sugar, STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYGimme-Some-Sugar-LightRoom-Grid-View IMG_5932.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_5974.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6076.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6077.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6122.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6146.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6160.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_6191.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-


IMG_5828.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY- IMG_5857.CR2-Las-Vegas-Wedding-Cakes-Gimme-Some-Sugar-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-

Las Vegas Event Photgraphy @ Green Valley Ranch

April 8, 2014 | By | No Comments

We love Las Vegas corporate event photography because corporate event photography incorporates many different kinds of photography at the same time: portrait, food, photojournalism, details, environmental. It’s very challenging and rewarding. Bonus – we get to be around some of the most talented and ambitious people in the world. Extra bonus: the chefs usually insist we sample some of their amazing cuisine and libations. So, OK! Yum!Las Vegas Event Photographers STEVEN FOGARTY PHOTOGRAPHY Green Valley RanchSome of the incredibly talented chefs from Green Valley Ranch Resort in Henderson, NV.Las Vegas Event Photographers, Las Vegas Food Photography, Las Vegas Event Photography, STEVEN FOGARTY PHOTOGRAPHY, STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYDid we mention the delicious and gorgeous pastries?2014-4-5-IMG_2382.JPG-Las-Vegas-Event-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-STEVEN-FOGARTY-Green-Valley-Ranch-VIP-AppreciationOh yea, and world-class Sushi, too!
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Las Vegas Food Photography

October 1, 2013 | By | No Comments

Here’s some food photography I’ve been have been asked to create recently. Most of these are for Las Vegas Restaurant menus and for video menu boards, hence the repetitive 45° down angle style. But of course I can do any style of food photography you need, including lifestyle and environmental. Involving a food stylist brings everything to the next level of polish.

I’ve done a lot of Las Vegas Food Photography for Restaurant Menus, Video Menus, for restaurant social

I’ve also launched a new food photography website. I hope you’ll check it out right here

The newly opened Firefly Tapas Spanish restaurant on Paradise, and Jean-Philippe Patisserie inside of The Aria.


Las Vegas Food Photography


Las Vegas Food Photographers


Las Vegas Food Photographer


Vegas Food Photography


Vegas Food Photographer


Vegas Food Photographers

Las_Vegas_Food_Photographer_STEVEN_JOSEPH_PHOTOGRAPHY_Amazon-Food-4D8A0007-2 Las_Vegas_Food_Photographer_STEVEN_JOSEPH_PHOTOGRAPHY_Amazon-Food-4D8A9947-2 Las_Vegas_Food_Photographer_STEVEN_JOSEPH_PHOTOGRAPHY_Amazon-Food-4D8A9968 Las_Vegas_Food_Photographer_STEVEN_JOSEPH_PHOTOGRAPHY_Amazon-Food-4D8A9979 Las_Vegas_Food_Photographer_STEVEN_JOSEPH_PHOTOGRAPHY_Pizza_Lotto_12inch_Funghi_Blanco_Pizza_Pie Las_Vegas_Food_Photographer_STEVEN_JOSEPH_PHOTOGRAPHY_Pizza_Lotto_18inch_NY_Style_Traditional_Pepperoni Las_Vegas_Food_Photographer_STEVEN_JOSEPH_PHOTOGRAPHY_Pizza_Lotto_Chicken_Parmigiana Las_Vegas_Food_Photographer_STEVEN_JOSEPH_PHOTOGRAPHY_Zest_Bistro_and_Bar_Caprese_Salad Las_Vegas_Food_Photographer_STEVEN_JOSEPH_PHOTOGRAPHY_Zest_Bistro_and_Bar_Combo_Kabob_with_Rice
Here’s a few of my favorite shots