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Fremont Street

Why are some of the best Las Vegas Elopements down on Fremont Street Old Las Vegas?

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We’ve photographed some of the best Las Vegas Elopement shoots all over Vegas: The Strip, Eldorado Canyon / Nelson, Spring Mountain Ranch Nevada State Park, Valley of Fire Nevada State Park, Dry Lake Beds. But one of our very favorite places is downtown Las Vegas, Old Vegas, the Fremont Street area. Why? you ask? ‘Cuz it’s chock-full-‘o NEON, vintage style, old-skool bars, brilliant street art and graffiti, friendly restaurants and security.

If you can handle some drunken rowdiness, some loud music, lots of high-energy night people, and the regular shouts of “congratulations!” from perfect strangers, Fremont East may be the perfect place to shoot your elopement. Nothing says Vegas like Fremont East, Old Downtown Vegas.
Vegas Elopement Photographers STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Old Las Vegas Fremont Street 2014-4-26-IMG_2411.CR2-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Erin-and-Nicholas 2014-4-26-IMG_3667.CR2-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Erin-and-Nicholas Behind the Scenes, On-Location Lighting, Speedlites, Octabox, Cheetah Stand, RadioPoppers, FourSquare, Michael Bass Fiber Optic SplitterBehind the Scenes – Speedlites, FourSquare, RadioPopper Px, Michael Bass Fiber Optic Splitter, Octabox, Cheetah stand.2014-4-26-IMG_3677.CR2-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Erin-and-Nicholas 2014-4-26-IMG_3711.CR2-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHY-Erin-and-NicholasLas Vegas Elopement Photographers STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY Downtown Las Vegas Old Vegas Downtown

Who Hot? You Hot! WE HOT!! Las Vegas Elopement Photography in Downtown Old Vegas

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These guys crack me up! You wanna have some fun on your Las Vegas Elopement Photography tour? Let’s go to Downtown Old Vegas – Fremont Street area – where everybody’s happy to see us! Even the Neon wants to have some fun!

IMG_1890-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-RyanIMG_1538-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-RyanIMG_1536-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-RyanIMG_1513-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-Ryan IMG_1514-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-Ryan



Lucy and Ryan OWN THE WORLD – Why Elopement Photography in Las Vegas is the Best in the World

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IMG_1890-Las-Vegas-Elopement-Photography-Wedding-Photographers-STEVEN-JOSEPH-PHOTOGRAPHERS-Lucy-RyanWhy would anybody elope to Las Vegas? Uhhh, there’s like a million reasons why, that’s why! LOL Seriously, is there a place that has better weather, better accommodations, better flight deals, better neon, better Americana history than Las Vegas?

Oh, and in terms of licensing, infrastructure, wedding venues, officiants and the like, it’s the easiest place in the universe to get married, too.

And while Istanbul/Constantinople is the #1 wedding capital of the world (weird factoid), Las Vegas is the 2nd most popular place in the whole world in which to get married.

Did you know that on average 300 PEOPLE EVERY DAY get married in Vegas?

Las Vegas Elopement Photographers STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHYWhy don’t you and your honey come on over to Vegas and help make Vegas the #1 Wedding Destination?

THESE GUYS Lucy and Ryan coulda gotten married anywhere on their around-the-world trek, but they chose Vegas. They’ve been EVERYWHERE, like Machu Picchu and the Cook Islands and Vancouver and The Grand Canyon. Read More

Ridiculously fun British couple elopes to Las Vegas – owns the town! The new definition of fun!

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We had THE BEST TIME with Lucy and Ryan, who stopped off in Vegas on their trip around the world in order to get married. I can’t remember having so much fun on a photoshoot. These guys were up for anything, super hard working, always smiling, and just devoted to having a great time.

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