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How a couple of normal middle class American families celebrate the 4th of July

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This is how a couple of normal middle class American families celebrate the 4th of July.

We get together with our good friends the McLaughlins most 4th of Julys in their cul de sac. Drink some beerskis. Eat some delectables. Fire off some star spangled boom boom. Watch the kids play a little street basketball. Go splash splash in the pool. Enjoy our uncountable freedoms. And thank God we live in America. Happy Independence Day!

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Family Reunion in Sunny Las Vegas – the Jones Family at The Westin at Lake Las Vegas

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Even though I really don’t advertise family reunion photography on my website at all (other than the occasional blog post) I get regular requests for it. I was so very happy to meet the casual and good looking Jones family out at Lake Las Vegas this morning for a quick studio-lit formal / casual family portrait session. I hope these photos fill up their walls and computer desktops for the rest of time, and gives them warm feelings every time they see ’em.

Candice and Jamal get married in Las Vegas – The Wynn, Mandalay Bay

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Candice and Jamal got married at the inside chapel at The Wynn – where outside photographers are not allowed. So we met them before their ceremony, inside their suite, for some informal and formal portraits. Even though we shot both families in the same room we managed to keep Jamal from seeing Candice before the ceremony. Both families were so beautiful and fun, and it didn’t take much for me to get them comfortable in front of the camera.

Wedding photography at The Wynn, in the suite, before the ceremony

Wedding photography at The Wynn, in the suite, before the ceremony

After their brief ceremony we met them again on the party bus and we stayed with them for the rest of the night. As is almost always the case, most of the photos we take are camera-unaware photojournalistic, where our clients don’t even notice we’re there.

In the review Jamal left us on WeddingWire he said “The only regret I have for that day is not using Steven Joseph for EVERYTHING! Unfortunately, we married at a hotel on the strip that required us to use the hotel photographer for our wedding. When we received the pictures from the wedding (hotel photographer), they were ok. However, when we looked at the post-wedding and reception photos (Steven Joseph), we were blown away!! They were AWESOME!…” [To see the rest of their review go here.]

I sometimes forget how much I love shooting weddings, until I look at these guys photos, from the starting family portraits in their suite at The Wynn, to the rockin’ rip roarin’ party they had at Border Grill at Mandalay Bay.

Sometimes I forget how much I love photographing weddings, especially the party, and then I see photos like this. Whooooot!

Sometimes I forget how much I love photographing weddings, especially the party, and then I see photos like this. Whooooot!

The Baby Shower of Tammy Grabel – Publisher of Las Vegas Woman Magazine

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So many great people came together for the baby shower of Tammy Grabel and Seth Grabel at the Park Tower at Hughes Center. The event was exquisitely hosted by Patti Hart and Mary Krevosh, and perfectly catered and decorated by Geena Jeffries Mattox with Style Event Design. The food was delicious, the company energized and happy, and, of course, Tammy and Seth were incredibly gracious and grateful, acknowledging every gift personally. There will be lots more details of this beautiful event in the next issue of Las Vegas Woman Magazine, coming this summer. Enjoy!

Slap Fight

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Slap Fight

We Work Real Hard All Year making beautiful Las Vegas Wedding Photography, then we take a southern California Family Vacation

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We work very hard all year. And then we take a week or two family vacation. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.Who Is Steven Joseph Photography Family Vacation in Southern CaliforniaOur youngest one is still in that pure childhood state where the veil separating fantasy from reality is thin and porous. He’s just as cute asking grownup questions about “how do people breathe in the desert if there are no trees?” as when he is unselfconsciously slaying zombies on the beach. He’s always slaying some sort of bad guys. I finally caught his adorable madness in this animated gif. I’m gonna miss it deeply when he crosses the boundary into older-hood.
Who-Is-Steven_Joseph_Photography Luke Slaying Zombies on the Beach in Southern California

Who is Steven Joseph Photography - Family Vacation in southern CaliforniaVroom. Did I say this campground is a boy paradise? Body surfing. Sand castles. Bike riding. Campfires. Marshmallows. Skate boarding. It is a boy Paradise.california-vacation-chris-and-amyBest buds forever – it’s always good to see our favorite Utah – California transplant – hi AMY!Who is Steven Joseph Photography - southern California family vacationStill not too cool to hug his muthaIMG_1075.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1073.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaIMG_1078.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1000.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaFlirting with older women. Our oldest son – 14 years old – being swung around by two admiring 15 year old California 10th graders. They bought him a soda.IMG_0921.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0918.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0873.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMason buried in the sand, being sand-sculpted by his incredibly talented Aunt Yenelli.IMG_0861.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBest buds JJ and AJIMG_0852.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBest buds J and LIMG_0840.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoys taking a break from ridiculous overloads of funIMG_0837.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1405.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaThe beach is always serving up surprises.
IMG_1482.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMy baby.IMG_1636.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaOur very good friends the McLaughlins, standing in front of their sleek and stylish Airstream. Their kids and our kids connect like magnets the moment we reach the beach and they don’t let go until we come back home to Vegas. Where they again connect like magnets.IMG_1650.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaIt’s nice when I get to be on the other side of the camera, especially just after I’ve taken my shirt off. This is Gold’s Gym on Venice Beach, where me and Arnold spend most of our free time.IMG_1654.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaVenice Beach – like Fremont Street in Vegas – only prettier! And cooler!

Who is Steven Joseph Photography - southern California family vacation IMG_0653.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoy paradise.IMG_0654.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoy paradise.IMG_0767.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBoy paradise.IMG_0771.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0782.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0786.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0787.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_0788.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaGirl paradise, too.IMG_0789.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1234.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaForever young – our good friend John.
IMG_1248.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaBeach boy AJ.IMG_1256.JPG-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMy tribe.IMG_1433.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1516.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-California IMG_1550.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaIMG_1670.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaMy posse on the Venice boardwalk (which is really more of an asphalt walk).IMG_1708.CR2-Fogarty-Family-Vacation-Summer-2014-Southern-CaliforniaLA – Land of food trucks. I LOVE LA.Who is Steven Joseph Photography Our Summer Family Vacation in Southern CaliforniaUnion Station Los Angeles