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Clark County Wetlands Las Vegas Elopement Photography with Cabi and Justin

June 5, 2015 | By | 3 Comments

I never get tired of beautiful, happy, smart people finding us and inviting us to document the afterglow immediately following their Las Vegas Chapel Wedding. These two graduate-level chemists met us out at the Clark County Wetlands Park immediately following their ceremony, and they were just so happy, and smiling and in-love with their brand new commitment. After a number of phone calls between my wife Chris and Cabi, they had decided on the Wetlands because Cabi and Justin wanted green, because it’s close, and because – so far – it’s hassle free.

I’m feeling like we totally got the green. I know we got the love and the afterglow. And I got another day doing the important and ever challenging work of documenting new love. Thank you Cabi and Justin! More photos coming soon!

Big thanks to my wife Chris and to Shabazz for assisting so ably.


  1. Jen Smith

    Awesome photos!! Love these two!

  2. Cabi Miingi

    Thank you Steve for the wonderful pictures! We had so much fun working with you…you captured this moment better than we could have imagined! Chris, I appreciate everything you did in order to make this a reality. Many thanks!!
    Cabi & Justin

  3. Jo

    Sis beautiful photos lovely wedding. Steven Joseph you captured the love. May Cabi and Justin may your love surpass forever

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