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How Do I Increase Dwell Time and Increase Traffic to my Trade Show Booth by 25%? OFFER QUALITY HEADSHOTS.

May 11, 2017 | By | One Comment

“We now have people around the booth consistently throughout the day rather than just at break times. Traffic has increased about 25% since we started offering headshots.”

– Carrie Kelly, Dir of HR, ACFE

How Do I Increase Dwell Time and Increase Traffic to my Trade show Booth by 25%? OFFER QUALITY HEADSHOTS.

Do you want to know how to increase Dwell Time and Increase Traffic to your Portable Trade show Booth by 25%? Offer quality headshots.

Giving out something everybody wants and everybody needs – headshots – increased traffic and dwell time to one of our client’s expo booths by 25%.

Is traffic & dwell time to your booth kind of anemic, no different than most everybody else’s? If giving out USB sticks and mousepads is not driving traffic to your expo booth, consider offering professional headshots with real-time social media sharing.

“I thought Steven was so professional and welcoming with everyone. He set the tone for people to feel comfortable getting their photo taken and made them laugh and enjoy the experience. The instantaneous social sharing was perfect for starting a conversation with people. I think the whole thing was a big hit and everyone is raving about the photos. They look SO good! I can’t wait to use my new headshot.”

– Courtney Bryan, Sales Manager at Travelzoo

♦ Booth Traffic
♦ Dwell Time
♦ Happy Clients
♦ Quality Opt-In Leads

People will line up deeply, patiently waiting for their high quality, gorgeous, and fun headshots being given away at your booth. Think of how much your sales people appreciate this. Or how much your management will like all the new sales revenue coming from your company’s big trade show expense.

“It was great working with you and you really helped make our presence at the event top-notch. The attendees are thrilled with their headshots!”

– Kelly Kyer, Global Director, Technology Vertical Marketing, Linkedin

For example, recently, Dell-EMC World was in Vegas at the Sands Expo.

Linkedin reviewed the Linkedin profile pages of attendees, to help optimize them. As a sweetener, rather than give away the usual mouse pads or USB sticks, Linkedin gave away high quality, high volume indoor environmental headshots to anyone who came up for the review.

“It was a pleasure working with Steve from start to finish. He and his associate were very receptive to our company’s needs, and they exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with Steve again at other conferences and trade shows in the future!”

– Catherine Sullivan, Marketing Associate at Travelzoo


To really turn up the awesome, we offer even more tools to help you get the most return on your big Trade show investment.

  • Opt-in User Data Capture & Reporting
  • Users can send headshots directly to their email & social media (this is how we capture user data for you)

Print headshots branded with your logo and message


The attendees drawn to your trade show booth will be able to share their brand new amazing headshot with everybody immediately after it is taken on one of our optional social sharing kiosks. The interface is simple, elegant, beautiful, and branded.


Following your trade show we provide you with detailed analytics you can show to your team demonstrating how wide and far your brand has reached.


Lots of photographers will agree to make headshots at your trade show. But most won’t have the weird skill set necessary to make truly beautiful headshots that your customers love and that make you look mahvelous.

“Steven’s photography appears touched up and professionally edited in their raw form. He does an amazing job capturing the best angles and works with his clients in a fun, and relaxing setting. Photos are delivered instantly, and look incredible!”

– Lauren Whipp, Business Development Manager at Travelzoo

A truly great headshot is made by an experienced photographer who possesses the following qualities:

  • top notch lighting skills
  • the skill & talent to see and draw-out a person’s “best face”
  • the weird ability to connect with anybody instantly to get them to relax and emote, one minute at a time, all day long

All of the photos below are straight out of camera with minimal adjustment.

We offer three styles of backdrops:

  1. pure white high key
  2. traditional corporate grey
  3. our exclusive indoor environmental
“Was truly a pleasure to work with Steve at the Arival conference.  Having the headshot booth at the trade show was great in attracting attendees to our booth and Steve was fantastic in making every one of them feel special.  I’ve already told our team we need to have his services at every trade show we attend!”

– Bryan Garber, Sales Manager at Travelzoo

What are indoor environmental headshots?

The popular environmental look is where headshots are made outdoors in a park or against trees or through a window looking out on a pretty scene.

We have innovated a way to bring any outdoor scene right to your booth. Our indoor environmental backdrops look incredibly realistic and gorgeous.

Because convention centers are some of the largest buildings in the world, where it can take 30 minutes just to walk outside or to a window, outdoor environmental photos are not practical.

The solution I offer my corporate clients is that we create a beautiful environment indoors! My client gets to choose the “environment”, be it a brightly lit modern office conference room, or looking out a “window” to bright green vegetation, or a low-key familiar skyline at night.


We do this without green screen and all of its problems: greenscreen murders hair, it just doesn’t look right, it requires lots of post production with a computer, and God forbid somebody is wearing green!

We use a different method, an elegant method, that results in a gorgeous look right in camera. The client can walk up to the camera or tethered computer right after their photo is taken and say things like “OMG that’s the best headshot I’ve ever gotten” or “Wow that looks so realistic and the lighting on me is fantastic” or “You’re a magician”. [Actual quotes.]

We can get through 100-150 people per day, per photo bay. My team can scale up to as many photo bays as needed to serve any size audience. Each person sits for an average of 2.5 minutes. It’s really easy for your people. It’s usually a lot of fun. Almost everyone walks away loving their new headshot. And the sponsoring company looks like heroes.


Need a better way to draw crowds to your trade show convention booth, increase dwell time and get back a return on your big trade show budget investment?

You may need high volume, high speed, high quality, studio-lit, on-location headshots with real-time social sharing.


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