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Photography Albums

Because we serve different clients with different needs, we offer two very different albums. We also compare the professionally produced and professionally designed albums with what consumers typically purchase on their own through companies like Blurb.

Please note: albums are sold in Pages, counted the same way pages are counted in a book. For example, a 20 page album has the same number of pages as does a 20 page book you would buy from Amazon.

(Left) 12×12 Premium Heirloom Leather-Bound Album. (Middle) 10×10 Quality Album. (Right) Blurb – consumer-produced.

Lay-Flat Binding – GutterBig gutter, no lay-flat binding in the Consumer-produced Blurb budget book. Not possible to span images across two pages. NOTE: This Blurb book was laid out by a professional graphics designer.

True lay-flat binding. Virtually no gutter in this very high-quality Premium Heirloom Album. Perfect for large images that span two pages.Good lay-flat characteristics in this Quality Album. Not as flat as in the Premium Heirloom Album, but much better than the consumer Blurb budget book.

Premium Heirloom Leather-Bound

Truly a family heirloom that – with proper care – will last for hundreds of years. Highest quality hand-made construction. Very thick pages. 100+ year ink permanence on archival quality Fuji professional paper.  Covers are made of the highest quality leathers. Professionally designed. NO GUTTER. Gorgeous nearly invisible lay-flat seam. Beautifully supports images than span across two pages.

Thick, archive-quality pages.
True lay-flat nearly seamless nearly invisible gutter.

 Quality Album

Very substantial yet thinner pages than the Premium Heirloom Leather-Bound Album.  100+ year ink permanence on archival quality Fuji professional paper.  Highest quality hand-made construction.  Covers are made of animal-friendly faux-leather fabric. (Image-wrap covers also available.) Professionally designed. Subtle Gutter. Subtle lay-flat seam, more prominent than above, yet still true lay-flat.

Sturdy pages, much thicker than the Budget Book, about 1/2 as thick as the Premium Heirloom Album.

Typical Consumer Blurb Budget Book

A budget “coffee-table”-style book like those available from Blurb. Very thin pages. Budget construction quality. Very limited layout options – not like the professionally designed lay out in this example. Very affordable. PROMINENT GUTTER. Does not support images that span two pages.

Note: This book was professionally designed. Budget Books are not professionally designed and will have a much simpler layout – one image per page.Very thin pages. A little thicker than a store magazine. Not archive quality.


Premium Heirloom Leather-Bound Album

Spine & Page Options

Details and photos of some of your choices for our Premium Heirloom Leather-Bound Album.

Two Spine Options

Square (for larger albums) and Round (for smaller albums with fewer pages).

Lay-flat gutterless.

Excellent for pano-images that cross two pages.

Medium-Style pages

Notice the square corners. This is best used on larger albums or albums with many pages, to help control weight.

Thick-Style pages

Notice the round corners. This is best used on albums that have fewer pages.

Cover Materials Options


Tried, true and consistent


Patterned textures – no imprinting/indentations