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Regret: Why buying the wedding photography you want is so smart.

March 13, 2014 | By | No Comments

[Note: I did not take the above photo – it’s source and copyright are unknown, from Google.]

We regret hiring the wedding photographer we could afford, rather than the one we wanted.

You’re on this website, reading this page because our photos speak to you. You like the feeling, the lighting, the quality you see throughout our portfolio. You want that energy, that skill, that creativity, that excellence we bring to weddings for *your* wedding. We may perfectly fit your budget, or we may be $200 or $2,000 over what you planned to spend on photography and you may be wondering “where in the world will I find that extra money?”

If you hire us, in 40 years you’ll probably have forgotten where you found that extra money (long ago paid off), as you slowly turn each page of your museum quality album with your children and grandchildren, as you re-experience your wedding’s feelings and beauty and what turned out to be the last hugs with precious family and friends.

The knowledge that your children’s children will get to know & see you at a time of peak happiness in your life will bring a warm satisfied smile to your face and to generations not yet born.

In 40 years – *if you even remember* that distant credit card or eBay’d motorcycle or borrowed 401k – you will savor the wisdom of buying the appreciating asset of quality photography, that is now preserved in the priceless heirloom album you are passing from your weathered hands into the tender grasp of the next generation. In 40 years you will be filled with the contentment earned from the realization that what you thought was expensive long ago was in fact a trivial expense that purchased something priceless. In fact, it was one of the smartest financial investments you ever made.

OUR REGRET. Although married at one of the most beautiful locations on earth – Dead Horse Point in Utah – my wife Chris and I don’t have a single professional photo of our actual wedding from that spectacular natural cathedral [the associated photo is from Google, copyright & source unknown]. We have zero professional photos of our reception. We have no professional photos that capture the rollercoast feelings of our day. We have a bunch of OK formal photos. And that’s it. At the time, it’s what we thought we could afford.

YOUR REGRET? If you go with the cheaper option, that 2nd choice that obeys your budget but doesn’t excite your heart, if you compromise on the wedding photography you want and settle for what you think you can afford, you will fall asleep for the rest of your days vaguely aware of all those missed moments and that rarely opened dust covered album somewhere on a shelf, knowing that for a relatively tiny amount you could have done better, you should have done better, your body buzzing with that sad gnawing feeling of regret.

The way I fall asleep.

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